A revival of sorts - for Doilies

My favorite project is a challenging doily. Many of the doilies I’ve made are in a drawer that I rotate through as a centerpiece on my dining room table. I’ve made a few for my sister’s party planning business. She rents them (along with other decor) for wedding receptions, baby showers, bridal showers & anniversary parties.

This is a great article on the history & revival of the doily from Piecework .

I made a bright green knitted doily for a snake that my husband made in his blacksmithing shop. I wanted to display it on a wooden dresser and it just needed something to make it stand out and keep it from scratching the furniture.

Oooh, I’d love to see it & the snake too!

I’ll try to get a photo uploaded soon.

Neat article! Thanks for sharing! I, too, love a good challenging doily project (especially if pineapples are involved).

It does appear that there’s a resurgence in doily making. Interestingly, the marketplace still doesn’t really honor them at prices they deserve. They are definitely something that proves the 3 or 4 times materials pricing mindset is foolish. Like so much in crochet, it seems patterns are more valuable than finished pieces.

I agree with you.
It is a shame.
I guess if you can buy something that works at the big box or discount stores…there is no need to purchase them from your neighbor or friend.

Lately I have told the recipient of my gifts that if someone likes it enough to want to buy it from them. Do not sell it below ($ amount). Then I explain what the materials cost and how long I spent making it. I really don’t mind if they sell it for extra money. Life happens and sometimes we have to sell or trade valuable things. But…I do want them to know how much it is worth. I also tell them to go online and look for similar items for sale to get a proper perspective.

Thankfully all of us over here have things that are worth more to us because of the historical significance than what they would sell for.
To us…it is like we are touching history…when we hold these things in our hands. Whether it is an old doily, a tea cup or an old scrapbook from the great war.

I never inherited family heirlooms. So…I look for them in thrift stores and garage sales.
I really should make a doily or something with thread this year. It’s been a long time.

What is everyone’s favorite pattern?
I have heard a lot about the pineapple design.
My hubby’s gma made a variation on this…strawberries.