A Little Whine Here

Lightning took out my main PC a few days back and I feel hobbled. All but a handful of my saved patterns are on that computer. I just finished a pair of socks and everything that comes to mind that I think I’d like to start isn’t among the few saved on my iPad. Hopefully, the part I ordered will get it back up and running. Otherwise I’ll have to replace it. That’s not all. My hubby just realized that his desktop PC was also knocked out. He’s been using his laptop and failed to check it. Boy, when it rains around here it pours. :mad:

That’s super frustrating! How do you feel about taking your computer apart? You can pop out the hard drive and get a drive enclosure so that you can plug the drive into a different computer and pull your files off.

@Lightning57 - be sure to check everything electrical in your house. We had lightning hit right next to our house a few years ago. The electromagnetic wave hit randomly throughout the house. It zapped our AC taking out a circuit board, our sprinkler system control station, zapped one feature on our big tv, killed the recharging station on a rechargeable vacuum and my Sonicare toothbrush. Surprisingly, it also ruined some battery operated smoke detectors. We were so surprised it could affect items not plugged in.

Oh no! I sure hope everything turns out well.

@Lightning57 I have a 1 terrabyte external hard drive that I unplug when it storms here in Florida, (which is alot LOL) I just unplug it from my laptop when there’s lightning.

@Lightning57 I hope everything is able to be restored! Come back and let us know if it is so we can uncross our fingers.

My husband use to build all of our computers. He’s fairly certain the power supply was damaged. The new one is suppose to come tomorrow. I hadn’t tried to move the files because I really don’t want to have to deal with getting use to working in a different desktop. If we find out the pc has been destroyed I’ll deal with it then.

We had that happen 13 years ago. It took out the two desktop pc’s we had at that time, all landline phones, washer, sewing machine, several double breakers in the power box, outside outlets, bug whacker, blew the phone lines out of the ground, all that I can remember ATM. My grandmothers avacodo green fridge from the early 70’s it didn’t hurt. It’s still humming right along. The best fridge we’ve ever had.

I’ll give the verdict as soon as I know.

Have you thought about changing your user name? LOL. Sorry to hear about this happening. Reminded me to back up my system.

I’m considering it.

Oh good. I hope that’s it. It’s an easy fix.

On the zany side, check your suspenders. Swarfy tells me that twisted suspenders are an invitation to lightning. :rolleyes:

Apparently, more than the power supply was messed up. However the HD from the damaged pc does fit and work in the older one I’ve been using. All is well with that. We found today that house phones were damaged too. :frowning: At least I can get to my patterns now.

Wow, I’m so sorry you got hit like that. Years ago I made a hard copy or cd of everything I didn’t want to lose on the computer. Why you ask? If you met my husband you’d know. He can and does inadvertently destroy everything by accident. He can find a main water line with one swipe of a shovel. Electricity has thrown him twenty feet across the yard. He accidentally wiped the computer at least five times. Etc.

How do you accidentally wipe the computer? Doesn’t it ask you several things before allowing you to wipe it?

I got happy too soon. The second pc that was running the HD quit this morning. Now I only have my iPad. This also leaves us with no way to view videos/ movies online. We don’t own a TV. What next and in the middle of trying to make over our bathroom? We need some extra cash quick. :frowning:

Oh dear! When it rains it pours. Hopefully a solution will occur to you all today.

How can my husband delete a computer you ask? He’s ADHD and doesn’t think things through. Just plunges ahead, glosses over words, etc. Thinks he knows what he’s doing when he doesn’t read the fine print. Always in a hurry. He gets a lot of things done around here if I supervise him.

What is it with men and instructions? Is it their ego or the fact they just can’t stand to be told anything?

Observing my three sons and three grandsons, I would say it’s the latter.