A First Make-A-Long ----- Prize Drawing

Welcome to the Bind Off Post thread for the Prize Drawing. The prize is a $6 (USD) Etsy credit.

• To be eligible for a prize you must:

1, Have officially entered the MAL (by reading the prize rules and commenting “I’m in and have read and agree to the rules.”) This list of entered folks is in the first post of the MAL thread.
2. Post a Bind Off Post in this thread that contains:
o A Picture of your project on August 1. Your project does not need to be done to be eligible. Just show us what you’ve got!
o Tell us how your project fits the make-a-long. This MAL was all about rediscovering the joy of making. Tell us what you enJOYed about making your project.

Each post is assigned a post number located in the upper right corner (ex. this is post #1). Your post number will be your number for the drawing. The entries will be open until August 1, 2019 Midnight EST and the drawing will take place on August 2. I will enter numbers 2 - N (N being the number of posts entered by August 1, 2019 Midnight EST) in a random number generator and the person whose post number matches the drawn number is the winner!

Edited to add: If you did not enter for the prize and just were participating for fun, your bind-off post belongs in the original MAL thread. Thanks!

Bind off post: Not binding off yet as you can see! Purl Soho oversized striped garter stitch scarf, not finished yet but making good progress! It takes a long time to complete a row- 420 stitches w fingering weight yarn not held double. Started on vacation when our KAL started and split my time with two other projects I am working on. So glad I got this started and am getting it done! Thanks for the KAL! ETA: gorgeous yarn ( the pale blue is rustic cattail silk that doesn’t slip easily off the needles) but a tedious project since the scarf is all garter stitch. Will be loved and worn a lot when I am finished!

This MAL was meaningful to me in several ways… I had lost some steam during the unfortunate events in recent months and I can recall an immediate search for other knitting communities. That of course landed me here and I was thrilled to find a MAL that was purposed to get us re-engaged with the crafts we all love and establish new connections, find old ones, etc. I have been encouraged and inspired by the tone of the posts and love the focus of this one on helping us remember the joy of crafting. I also gained new energy to press on to complete my shawl project and enjoy seeing what others are working on! I think regardless of the prize, we are truly all winners here!


I started and finished several things over the past few weeks. I had really lost my mojo. For me this MAL was about getting my knitting mojo back.

and boy did I!

I enJOYed this new to me shortie pattern:


I enJOY learning new techniques as this TAAT pair:

I enJOY knitting for those I care about:

I enJOYed finishing this test knit (a final act):

I enJOY the new friends I am making in the Sock Knitting KAL - here is a test knit I pre-knit for our next knit along. The full socks will be posted in the Sock Knitters United group this evening when the patterns are

And last, but definitely not least, I get joy out of knitting for charitable reasons. These will be auctioned off on Saturday at our campground to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital:

a rug, maybe for a nursery?

and a WIP corner to corner lap-gan or baby blanket:

BOY DID I EVER GET MY KNITTING MOJO BACK! Thank you @Admin and @snickerdoodle. I would probably be still in a crafty funk if it wasn’t for this site.







I enjoyed this MAL… it was a joy to find such a lovely group of people, and brand new website, to share my love of knitting and crochet. I knit these items with that joy. I look forward to future fun events here, and getting to know new (to me) friends.

First I made this baby topper sweater for my granddaughter:

When I finished that early, I cast on another MAL project, these lace fingerless mitts for my daughter:



@ sewbizgirl, Your pics aren’t showing up! :slight_smile:

@snickerdoodle I deleted my post - I think it worked. Guess I can’t have my own little parade, huh? (Lots of laughs)

Thank you all for bringing a joy of knit back to me. It was so inspiring to find people who share my thoughts.
Here’s my latest FO.

I use a pattern of Effervescence Cardigan by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. I really enjoyed to knit lace pattern and 1x1 rib. It was fist time when I made a decent 1×1 rib (used a new technique this time). I’ve made it for myself as a treat after making a few FO for my baby boy. I’ll count it as completed although I still need to find proper buttons.


My bind off post. Therapy Shawl


@Char – Thank you for understanding. If you want to edit this post to show your TAAT socks, please feel free or post on the original MAL thread. I love seeing the socks that come off your needles!

They’re done! These are for my granddaughters ages 2 and 5.


The yarn is Cascade Yarns Cherub DK.


My first completed MAL! This hat was all about the Joy of learning! I learned that charts are not scary, colours out of your comfort zone are beautiful, and how to hold 2 strands of yarn and keep a good tension. I may or may not finish it with a Pom Pom.
Thank you to the host of the MAL! I am also enjoying reading and seeing others projects! Beautiful work!!


I finished the sweater for my daughter and I got about halfway on the shawl for myself. I enjoyed making the sweater because my daughter really likes the things I make for her and wears them a lot. The color fading was a lot of fun. The shawl has also been an enjoyable project and I like how light and lacy it is turning out.



Oh that is soooo pretty!

I think I posted in the wrong spot so here we go again! I’m sorry I haven’t figured out how to delete the comment on the other thread, oi! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are my FOs for the month of July – one sock, 2 dishcloths and one afghan (crochet)

I really enjoyed this KAL / these projects because they really helped me get my yarn MOJO back! I had been in a slump for so long -almost a year- without finishing anything if you can believe it!! Thank you, ladies for helping to motivate me to get back into what makes me the most happy, creating beautiful & useful things out of string :smiley:

gorgeous hat, @TheColourBlue !! WOW!!

gorgeous work!!

WOW your sweater is amazing!!! Beautiful color choice, too!

This is gorgeous!

I love your hat and colors