A Door Prize!

In the spirit of our Tunisian Crochet journey, a very generous Fiberkind member has donated an absolutely gorgeous tote!!!

A huge THANK YOU goes out! This community is so caring & wonderful. :fk:

I’ll get the names together in just a bit & do a drawing!


This is awesome! We have such a wonderful community. :fk:

Wow! This is beautiful!:fk:

WINNER! WINNER! @hereami !!!

Tunisian Winner.png

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Yay! Congratulations!

Woohoo! Congratulations @hereami! Smile, sing and spread some joy!


What?? No Way!

I didn’t expect to win…just wow!

It is a beautiful bag made with some of my very favorite colors.
I am just shocked.

Thank you.

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement that you all give out in the Tunisian group.

Thank you @TexasPurl for all of your hard work in the Tunisian crochet forum.

And a big Thank You to the generous soul who made this lovely bag.

long distant…hugs to everyone…
Stay well.

@hereami Enjoy your yarny goodness!!

Congratulations, @hereami ! What a beautiful bag!!

:fk:Hello Everyone.
Wanted to stop in and say I absolutely love my new bag. The colors are perfect for me. (my favorite color = Where the ocean meets the redwoods)

I have already stuffed it with all my Tunisian Blocks and supplies. I have 3 skeins of Red Heart soft essentials, my trusty hook, and the 11 squares I have completed so far. There is more room in there if I get the urge to go buy yarn.

Thank you for making and shipping this wonderful bag. I will use it for years.
This prize arriving this particular week really was a boost of encouragement that I didn’t know I was going to need…but did. It lifts my mood every time I look at it.
Thank you.:fk:

(I am sorry for the late response. I received this bag a few days ago…but had technology difficulties and a couple of life difficulties that slowed down my response time.)


It’s beautiful!!

I love those times when blessings arrive "right on time. "

Now see? The best colors, the best time, sometimes things are just meant to be. I’m hoping your life difficulties are easing some.

Yay! I’m glad it arrived and can brighten your days!

Such beautiful work! And I love the colors! What a thoughtful and generous thing to do. :revolving_hearts:

:partying_face: Congrats @hereami ! That is a nice bag!