A big welcome to our new members!

Welcome! So pleased you are finding this site. Feel free to dive in and participate, we’re all relatively new here. It’s fun to be in on the building of a new site, isn’t it?

I agree! It has been amazing to be on the “ground floor” of things. The sky is the limit for sure.

If anyone has any questions on anything - I am happy to help, as I am sure everyone here is!

Grab a comfy chair, share your crafts, and join in the fun!!!

Shameless plug for our current National Craft Month make along - a wonderful way to meet and get to know folks, regardless of the craft!


Hello, old old knitter but newbie here, Janet, aka Ageless from Colorado. Is there a place where I can list projects I am working on or have finished? I have looked around and did not see, sorry. Or do we not do that here?

Hello and a big welcome to FiberKind! I am Char - if you need anything to feel more welcome, or help getting around, please let me know.

We can list our projects in our project blogs, but there will be an update coming soon and we won’t be able to transfer data over to the new section. @HeatherAthebybe has been working hard on her SkeinLink to share with us.

We also have a community events section with a monthly chatter thread where we would love to see pictures:


I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Hi, @Ageless (Janet) and welcome to FiberKind! I think you will find this a place where you can relax, enjoy everyone’s projects, make new friends and feel safe.

@Ageless Welcome! It’s good to have you on board. You’ll find lots of encouraging (enabling really) folks here and think you’ll find it’s a wonderful place to be.

Looking forward to seeing what you’re working on!

Welcome Janet! I look forward to seeing your projects in our chatter or MAL forums. Besides the forums, there are special interest groups where you might want to share your projects.

Hi @Ageless Welcome to Fiberkind!
My husband and I vacationed in Colorado a few years ago in Estes Park, it was beautiful!

Welcome Janet to this wonderful site. We love to see all sorts of projects in various stages of completion. Looking forward to seeing yours.

hello to you all - I’m Sonia from Finland and happy to have been introduced to this site by a friend - I’m interested in all kinds of crafts, Knitting, both by hand and by machine, being my favorites - I’ve only been a member for maybe a week and already find the community overwhelmingly welcoming - thank you to you all!

The name FiberKIND really fits, doesn’t it?

Hello, I found you from a you tube video. So glad to see something like this to use.

Welcome to FiberKind @Lushcrix. We’re glad to see you found us and I know you will find things you like. What are your crafty pastimes?

I like crochet, knit, cook, garden, and of course cats!

@Lushcrix - you are going to fit right in. We love our fur babies as much as our crafts for sure. :slight_smile:

Welcome to FiberKind! So glad you found us!

TBH its been hard since rav, but hey time to move on. I need more crafting this year is to crazy!

Hello, and welcome to FiberKind - we are glad you’ve joined us!

Welcome aboard!

@Lushcrix Welcome to Fiberkind! You will surely be motivated to do more crafting here!

Welcome to Fiberkind. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects.