#8 - Tunisian Smock Stitch

[SIZE=16px]Hello everyone! Let’s explore the Tunisian Smock Stitch (Tunisian Honeycomb V2)!

A video tutorial for the Smock Stitch is available from TL Yarn Crafts & CrochetKim.

Like the Honeycomb stitch pattern, the Smock Stitch pattern is achieved in a 2 row repeat. Combining TSS2tog (Tunisian Simple Stitch 2 together) & a Yarn Under wrap (YU) consecutively across the 1st row, then repeating the same stitches, though offset in the 2nd row. Usually worked over an even number of stitches. The Smock Stitch pattern has little to no curling. This stitch pattern adds texture and an interesting pattern to your project. [/SIZE] [HR][/HR][SIZE=16px]Written instructions for the Smock Stitch pattern:

Begin this & nearly all Tunisian projects with a Foundation Row: [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=16px]Create an even number of chains.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px](1) Insert your hook into the back bump of the second chain from the hook.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px](2) Yarn over and pull up a loop. Leave that loop on your hook. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Repeat steps 1&2 across the row. This is your "Forward Pass". Don't turn your work. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Experiment with one of the alternative casts on from our Alternative Cast-Ons post.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Yarn over and draw through one loop only. (Yarn over and draw through two loops.) Repeat () to the end. You should have one loop on your hook.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]These steps create your foundation row. You'll see your vertical bars across the row and proceed to make different types of stitches in the remaining rows of the work.

Smock Stitch with a single ended hook. (2 row repeat)[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=16px][B]Row 1.[/B] Skip first vertical bar directly beneath the loop on the hook, *TSS2tog in next 2 stitches, yarn under (keep your pointer finger on the YU to keep it from getting away)*, repeat *-* to last stitch, TSS in the last stitch. Basic return pass as in prior tutorials.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px][B]Row 2.[/B] Skip first vertical bar directly beneath the loop on the hook, TSS, *TSS2tog in next 2 stitches, yarn under*, repeat *-* to last 2 stitches, TSS, TSS in the last stitch. Basic return pass as in prior tutorials.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]Repeat rows 1 & 2 to the desired length, end with a Row 1.

Bind off row.

There are only a few times when the bind off isn’t necessary. It typically isn’t needed for most lace designs since that would close up an otherwise lacy project.

Bind off in TSS.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=16px]Insert your hook as you would for TSS.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Yarn over and pull up a loop. Continue pulling through the loop on the hook. You're only doing a slip stitch, just like any other slip stitch in regular crochet. Repeat across the row to the last stitch.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Last stitch - insert your hook under the both vertical bars of the last stitch (it should look like a v on the outer edge of the work) and finish the slip stitch. Chain 1, cut the yarn and pull through the loop to fasten off.[/SIZE]
[HR][/HR] [B]Free Patterns [/B]

Easy Smock Stitch Pouch Written
Fishnet Cushion Written
Iridescent Cowl Written [HR][/HR]

Smock Front.jpg

Smock ITR.jpg


Oh, it looks like a tear drop!! Can’t wait to start.:fk:

Oh pretty!!! :). I will be doing Tunisian today :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking forward to this one! So pretty.

Fun! Hoping I have time this week. If not, I’ll catch up next week. I like this one. Thanks @TexasPurl, appreciate you continuing to do this!!

Had to do some frogging on this one. Took me a while to figure out how the edges worked. Each set of instructions seemed to do things a smidge differently. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t frogged back far enough the last time so there’s still a mistake middle left but hopefully the next one will be better without all the frogging.


It looks good! I also had some trouble and frogged once. Still trudging along.

I found the same thing. So I started on a smaller swatch with larger weight yarn and a bigger hook. After company leaves I will be able to settle down and work with my good yarn .

Here is my version, I went with a DK weight yarn, and I really like the drape it has.


Oooooh, looks great, and I love the colors!

That is beautiful. What yarn is that?

@KnitsWithHorses It is by a thing for string and the colorway is monet. It is superwash merino and very soft.

So pretty!!

It looks scrumptious! Kind of like how you can tell even from a photo that Malabrigo is going to be ridiculously soft and squishy. And that gorgeous colorway… I’ll definitely look them up when I can!

Yes, this is gorgeous! Your stitching, the yarn and the colorway.

Ok, this looks good. What is different about the edges? Eek, everyone had to frog. I’ll be ready.

@pinesprairie every video i watched on the technique seemed to do it a little differently. Some did a TSS first in the first or second row only and they might do the last two stitches differently and some did the yarn under before the TSS2Tog and some after. Some ended each pickup row with an extra stich and some didn’t. I never quite understood that! I didn’t get the impression that any of the video makers I watched (The ones TexasPurl linked plus several others) had actually done the stitch all that much. I’m not 100% sure what I ended up doing is totally “correct” but it worked so I’m okay with it. Lol I kinda wish I had just stuck to @TexasPurl written instructions I may just try that on my next square.

@KnitsWithHorses - Lol, that sounds like me when I go after something. Thanks for the explanation though, I don’t think I’ve ‘followed the directions’ yet, but on this one, I might just give it a go first. I’m not really a very good direction follower - it falls in that “don’t tell me what to do” category. Lol.

Beautifully done!

I used the video by Crochet Kim along with the instructions by @TexasPurl I basically used the video to see how the yarn under was done. Otherwise I used the written directions.