6,000yr old fabric reveals Peruvians dyeing textiles W/indigo before Egyptians


@AmyW1205 Thanks for sharing! I’d like to go to that area. Peru has such a rich and interesting cultural history. We’ve been talking about going to the Sacred Valley sometime soon - maybe next year - (which is probably overrun with tourists). It’s a long way from there to Huaca Prieta, but maybe we need to add that to the list.

That would be a fabulous trip!!! If you go, I want to see pics! :smiley:

TFS (thanks for sharing) cool story

You’re most welcome! ;):slight_smile:

Absolutely! I am hoping for 2020. We were going to go to Australia in March, but I think we’re going to postpone that for a year because we want to get our diving certificates first. So Peru may get slotted first.

That is so interesting. I love to read about the history of textiles, especially knitting.