3rd Week Drawing for final stage

For all those who completed this week’s challenge, even if you didn’t complete a challenge for a previous week, you are eligible to win this lovely prize of Finnish fiber donated by @Callielw.

It looks dreamily soft!

So to be reminded, the rules for participation are simple–you need to have had at least 5 days where you’ve spun for at least 20 minutes (or did fiber prep or plying, etc). Again, this is on the honor system and we’re not going around checking to see if you did that or not. So, if by Sunday evening, the 28th, at midnight CST you qualified for this week’s drawing, please comment below and post your name. If you care to show a picture of what you did or at least tell us about it, that would be awesome. Also, please note that even if you weren’t able to do last week’s contest, you can still qualify for this week’s drawing if you met the above specifications for this week.

If you’ve already met that qualification, feel free to go ahead and post your name; you don’t have to wait until Sunday to do so. But to keep it fair, no posting after midnight on Sunday, please! You actually get a couple more days this week, so if you had a busy week, you might still be able qualify!

Please put your name below and don’t forget to sign up for any other contests you qualify for–each one will be done separately. Best of luck!


I have spun every day except the rest day on Monday. 30 minutes or more each day (yarnforall)

I have spun at least a couple of hours on every day of the Tour, but I will skip being entered for this prize as I have plenty of fiber right now.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ve qualified this week but will not enter since I won last week.

I am in,for 5 days this week.

I did not spin Monday, I think, whichever was the rest day lol, and have gotten in each other day :slight_smile:

Ive spun each day an hour or more.

i spun every day for at least 20 minutes, usually more.

I have spun every day, have averaged almost 60 minutes a day. This has been a great spin!

I’m so happy to report that I was able to spin on my Traveller Wheel everyday this week and every day of the TDF. I did spin at least 20 minutes daily. I completed the 4 oz braid that I started on day one. I plan to chain ply the singles.


I was busy a-flickin’ all week 3. Spinnin’ too: spindle spinning cotton, plying cotton, antique great wheel and saxony wheel testing and demo-ing - a proper “Spin de Fleece” kind of week here.

The 3rd week has come and gone–and some of you have been faithfully spinning away, taking advantage of this wonderful excuse, (sorry, “REASON”) to sit down and get some spinning done and you have turned out some beautiful yarn! I have been so inspired!

So, that being said, we have picked a winner for our 3rd and final week of the SdF2019, using our handy-dandy Random Name Picker to keep it fair and square–or round, since we are giving away a round ball of LOVELY Finnish fiber that looks smooshy and soft. (I know, bad pun!:rolleyes:) Thanks to @Callielw for your generous donation!

Our winner for Week 3 is…

@yarnforall!!! Congratulations and may you have many hours of enjoyment spinning this wonderful fluff!! Please private message @Callielw and give her your mailing address so she can ship this out to you pronto.

Whee!!! Thank you very much. I hardly ever win anything, so this is exciting. And especially thanks to @Callielw for her generous contribution and to all the others who donated prizes. Also, thank you @rkennell for coordinating this and to @DebbiRYarn for carrying it forward from the other platform. It has been lots of fun!! I know we are all happy with what we have accomplished.

Congratulations, @yarnforall ! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome–and I agree!

Congratulations @yarnforall Happy spinning.

Hurray for @yarnforall!!!

Thank you @tobascokat. I am definitely ready to spin some nice wool after all that cotton.

Congratulations @yarnforall Happy Spinning!

Thank you, @strawberryroan!