#27 - Tunisian Purl Reverse Stitch

Hi everyone! It been a while since we visited with a Tunisian Tutorial.

I’d like to dedicate this posting to @DJM. I think she enjoyed these little segments as much as I do.
My heart hurts for her family’s loss, and ours. My faith allows me to smile and remember her with so much fondness and know she is at peace. She will be missed. :fk:

So, ready to get to a new stitch? Let’s work on the Tunisian Purl Reverse Stitch (TPRS)!

Rachel Henri demonstrates how to work this stitch on her site. (The last entry on the page.)
She also shows how the front and back look if the entire swatch is made in TRPS.
I’ve added photos of swatches made while using TSS/TRPS.

The Tunisian Purl Reverse Stitch (TPRS) is similar to TRS (Tunisian Reverse Stitch). The TRS & TPRS are both made by inserting the hook under the back vertical bar of the stitch, then pulling a loop through. While TRS is made while holding the working yarn to the back of the work, TPRS is made while holding the working yarn to the front of the work (the same as working TPS).

While most Tunisian Crochet stitches are not reversible, when incorporating this stitch with TSS, you get a wonderful reversible fabric without the use of a double-ended hook. It also completely negates the curl!

(1 Row TSS, 1 Row TPRS) Repeat
(2 Rows TSS, 2 Rows TPRS) Repeat

If TPRS is used exclusively in a swatch, it will have a slight curl to the back of the work.
Written instructions for TPRS swatch:

Begin this & nearly all Tunisian projects with a Foundation Row:

  • Chain any number of stitches
  • (1) Insert the hook into the back bump of the second chain from the hook.
  • (2) Yarn over and pull up a loop. Leave that loop on the hook.
  • Continue pulling loops up in the back bump of each chain stitch. Once at the end, the number of loops on the hook should equal the initial number of chain stitches.
  • This is the "Forward Pass". Don't turn the work.
[B]TPRS with a single ended hook. Single Row Repeat[/B]
  • Skip first vertical bar directly beneath the loop on the hook, with yarn in front, insert the hook, from right to left, through the next back vertical bar
  • rotate the hook so the lip is facing the floor, bring working yarn under the hook, hook the yarn with the lip and pull through the vertical bar. (Note: This is not how the video demonstrates this stitch. I find this method easier, and I get the same results.)
  • Continue pulling up loops in this manner until you reach the last stitch, TSS in the last stitch.
  • Basic Return Pass
Continue making Forward & Return passes to your desired length. [B]Bind off in pattern.[/B]

I made a blanket in December 2021 utilizing this stitch pattern.

TSS-TPRS Collage.jpg

2 TSS-TPRS Collage.jpg

Reversible Tunisian.png

I love the dedication Debbie. This stitch has a lot of potential for fun experimentation. And that blanket is fabulous.

Thanks Natalie, she would have loved this.

@TexasPurl what pattern did you use for your blanket? It is quite lovely.

Thanks @Char !
It’s my own pattern. I’ll post it in the Tunisian Patterns thread.

SWEET! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you @TexasPurl !!