#22 - Tunisian Block Stitch

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back! :fk:

Today we’ll be discussing the Tunisian Block Stitch!

A video for the Tunisian Block Stitch is available from TL Yarn Crafts.

This stitch is worked over a multiple of 4 + 3 using TSS and EXFPDC (Extended Front Post Double Crochet) with a 3 row repeat. Color changes are made at the end of return passes and carried up the side of the work.

This stitch pattern has a slight curl at the beginning, so keep your tension loose and block your project when complete.

EXFPDC - yo, insert hook under the front and back vertical bars of the stitch 3 rows below, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 1 loop, yo, pull through 2 loops, 1 loop remains on the hook, skipping the vertical bar of the TSS on the current row.

Begin with a Basic Foundation Row:

With COLOR A - Chain any multiple of 4+3
(1) Insert your hook into the back bump of the second chain from the hook.
(2) Yarn over and pull up a loop. Leave that loop on your hook. Repeat steps 1&2 across the row. This is your “Forward Pass”. Don’t turn your work.
Yarn over and draw through one loop only. * Yarn over and draw through two loops. * Repeat - until there are 2 loops left on the hook.

Drop COLOR A and change to Color B to complete last stitch.

  • [B]Row 1.[/B] With [B]COLOR B[/B] - TSS all stitches.
Basic return pass. Do Not Change Color
  • [B]Row 2.[/B] TSS all stitches.
Basic return pass until there are 2 loops left on the hook. Drop COLOR B and change to Color A to complete last stitch.
  • [B]Rows 3[/B] With [B]COLOR A[/B] - Skip first vertical bar directly beneath the loop on the hook, TSS x 2, *EXFPDC, TSS x 3* to end.
Basic return pass until there are 2 loops left on the hook. Drop COLOR A and change to Color B to complete last stitch.

Repeat Rows 1-3 to desired length without changing color on row 3.

[B]Bind Off in TSS with COLOR A.



This is very pretty. I am actually mesmerized!

I love the look of the block, can’t wait to try it when we get home…

Finally finished my block!

DSCN7624 (2).JPG

Ooh, I like your colors!

Thanks it was fun!

So pretty! This stitch would really make a wonderful scarf too!

@Char I agree with the right yarns!!

Finished my block. I love this stitch pattern. It’s not fiddly and it’s easy to get the hang of it. I kinda want to make a baby blanket of this stitch. Now I’m waiting for the delivery person to show up with my double ended hook so I can make a pumpkin!


Looks great!! Love the colors.

Nicely done! It would make a great baby blanket.

Thanks @TexasPurl I am going to see if I have enough of any appropriate yarn in my stash. I may play around with making the squares a little bigger.

This is beautiful! I don’t usually do much with more than one color, but I will definitely give this one a try :blush:

I somehow missed that this one was posted! @DJM yours looks amazing as always. I’m going to grab my yarn and hook and give it a go. I need a distraction right now. :grin:

Thank you! I really enjoyed making this and I was able to use scrap yarn.

Thank you @DJM :blush: