2023 Stashbuster MAL

Here is where we’ll put our numbers for 2023. Rules the same as in the past. What are your goals for 2023?


Does anyone know how I can make this it;s own subheading under community so that we can put all weekly threads under this one?? The way we did 2022?

My goal is to knit almost exclusively from stash. The one thing that I still have set to arrive every month are my Row One minis. I’m really debating canceling because I hate that the 10 minis set me back -20 each month, but are only 100g.

Edited to add: I did something big…I canceled my Row One Minis subscription!

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My only goal would be to use more than buy, and buy only if it’s a bargain or really necessary for the project. Anyway want to end this year with a good +.

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My goals are finish projects and a major stash bust. Either by contributing to the annual guild swap (and not coming home with anything) or making lots of things.

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Good morning (here on the East Coast of the USA)!

I am going to join the stashbusting MAL this year. I’ve been pecking away at destashing for a couple of years now. I gave a ton of yarn away last year, I think…and I aquired some new yarn. I want pretty much all of it gone so I can feel good about starting new projects and even trying some new crafts!

I know I don’t need to for this, but today I hope to have time to total my stash yardage and numbers of skeins. I will enjoy seeing it come down and hearing about others’ progress in this group!

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