2022 Spin de Fleece Totals

Here are the Grand Totals as far as I can tell using this Google Spreadsheet
Name Minutes Fin. Yds. Singles Yds Grams spun
Spice2s 1368 1494 3894 429
PGB 2736 1603 4459 751

Maybe next year we can do it at a time more conducive to more people spinning???

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Your spreadsheet has a few formulas messed up I think and you don’t have my last two days entered…but maybe that is because I was late in posting them. So probably my fault, lol.

Even with just the two of us posting our results, it was fun spinning!

I have my total minutes at 1518 minutes,…

I finished 7 skeins of yarn, … so that is pretty nice…

I actually have some of them hanging to dry right now.

I still have a spinning project in the works, so I didnt tidy up all the loose end projects, but still happy with what I was able to accomplish.