2022 Reading Challenge

  1. A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie
  2. Nemesis by Agatha Christie
  3. Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan NTM #6
  4. Leaving Annalise by Pamela Fagan
  5. Finding Harmoni by Pamela Fagan
    Warning: RANT ahead!
    18-20 are books 1-3 of What Doesn’t Kill You series.
    I got a 3 book set and I enjoyed the stories so I finished all three. However, the main character starts out very annoying although she improves some over the course of the books. But I will never listen to another audiobook narrated by this narrator again. Her Texas accent is overdone when she bothers at all. And her Caribbean accent is just bad. But the part that drove me nuts was all the mispronunciation. A professional, supposedly edited and professionally produced audiobook with this many mispronunciations is inexcusable. I’m not a total grammar Nazi, I promise, you can’t live in Oklahoma and survive if things like that get to you too easily. But this woman mispronounced SO many words! And the ones that appeared more than once in the book were wrong every time so apparently she literally doesn’t know any better. There were more than a dozen such words but to give you an idea, the first 3 that pop into my mind are: calvary for cavalry, revelant for relevant, and cardiac infraction for infarction. :person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming: The rest of the series has different narrators so hopefully I can continue with it.
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I so agree with you. I once listened to one of the Gene Stratton Porter books set in Northern Michigan. Most of the action takes place on Mackinaw Island… the narrator always pronounced it Mac-i-nack when the correct pronunciation is Mac-in-awe. I grew up in Mi and spent many summers in the northern Lower Peninsula. It seem to me a professional should do their homework on things like this.

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@crosstitchlinda That’s funny that you mention that because I’m listening to a book set in Michigan right now and the narrator said something about the “Mackinaw” bridge and I was racking my brain trying to recall if that was correct. I’m 100% not familiar with Michigan but it didn’t sound right. My hubby goes up there a lot and he said it was Mackinac bridge but Mackinaw City? Why is the bridge Mackinac? Have to admit it’s confusing but if I was narrating books professionally I would be SO anal about that kind of thing. I would drive myself crazy. Lol

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No, they are both Mackinaw, but spelled differently. They are pronounced Mack-i-naw. Many people do pronounce them differently, but not if you grew up there. Some people also use Mac-i-nack as an affectionate mispronunciation

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@crosstitchlinda Ah okay. He wasn’t pronouncing it as it was a text message but I would be very surprised if he pronounced it correctly. Lol He was just going by what is on the road signs. I can understand the Mackinac being pronounced 'naw as we have a LOT of interesting pronunciation issues in Oklahoma with all the Native American names but I am curious why they ended up spelled differently.

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Not sure, but there is a mix of French and English transliterations of Native American names involved! And yes, northern Mi has many names that are spelled one way and pronounced another.

Also spelling was not standardized until well after many of these names were accepted.

I adore the version of Fiddler with Topol as Tevye. I own that one. I am probably too emotional to handle this book these days but I really must read it someday. One of my favorite movies ever and as to that I played Golde my junior year in high school in the school play. We got a brief standing ovation for “Do You Love Me.” :blush:

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The topics addressed in the Shrier book are way more widespread than most people realize. My grandkids are in a small town Oklahoma school district and parents have had to confront the school board on these issues more and more frequently over the last few years. Even in so-called conservative districts, it’s in there.

I’ve never figured out if I’m a boomer or what. Lol I just say I’m an old hippy and I don’t know what to do. :grin: And my younger daughters say they claim the Hobbit generation from some meme. :joy: We all do the best we can with what we’ve got.

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Good to know that Amazon’s creepy stalker thing has benefits. :rofl:

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This made me laugh so hard! It is fun just watching them squirm and panic, wondering what he’s going to do. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A homesteading friend got berated and “reported” on FB because someone saw that her baby had put dirt in his mouth in one of her gardening videos. :unamused::roll_eyes:

80: Ringworld by Larry Niven. Science fiction story. I admit I was bored throughout. 2/5

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81: Die Laughing by Carolyn Dunn. Daisy Dalrymple mystery. 3/5

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82: Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Inspired by the Oz books of L Frank Baum. 2/5.

83: Dead Man’s Walk by Larry McMurtry. A western, apparently a prequel to his Lonesome Dove novel. Very, very graphic and violent, not in any way a light read. 3/5
84: Mistletoe and Murder by Carolyn Dunn. Daisy Dalrymple mystery, and my favourite so far. 4/5

  1. Deadfall by Nancy Mehl #2
  2. Free Fall by Nancy Mehl # 3
  3. Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree by Susan Willig Albert #1
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Comepletely normal. kids do that… Young children explore the world around them with ALL of their senses.
Those people would have a fit with mine. They ate bugs, animal kibble, animal treats. and a host of other non foods they shouldn’t have Funny part is, they grew up and stopped. As teenagers they know better now. They are not any of the ones running around eating tide pods.


85: The Many Coloured Land by Julian May. Science fantasy. 4/5

I am now reading 6 books at one time. Only because most of what I am reading are for the boys or some sort of educational informative books. Book number 6 is the only one I am counting for my reading challenge.

So now I am reading Getting Witched by Dakota Cassidy. At least I have some mindless knitting so I can read on my kindle while I knit and listen to season 2 of Elementary play on the TV.

I am easy to entertain most of the time. I have 2 more in the series to read to be done. Then there are the other series I have books I have been meaning to read or I should say finish reading

Return of the Paladin (The Blackwood Saga #4) by Layton Green and
The Cistern of Avooblis (The Adventurers’ Academy #5) by Charles Streams

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86: The Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. A thriller which turned out to be one of a series, with no warning given; references all over the place to events and people from these other books which spoil this as a stand-alone read. 2/5
87: The Golden Torc by Julian May. Science fantasy. 4/5

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