2020 Stashbusting MAL

[B][SIZE=16px]2020 Stashbusting MAL Guidelines[/SIZE]

Well, it looks as if this party can get started!! We’ll continue the MAL with anticipation of the site remaining active. :heartpulse:

Guidelines for the MAL are in this [/B]FILE.

Here’s the basics: All yarn in your stash counts. If you have leftovers, it counts as a ball & it’s worth +1 point when you use it up.

Whatever form new yarn comes in (skein, hank, ball, cake, etc.), it’s a skein added to the stash.-2

When a partial skein is used, earn +1 pt. When the remainder of the skein is used(which is now referred to as a “ball”), earn the other point. +1

Remember, this is just a way to keep us mindful to use our stash before buying more.

I do hope you’ll join us!

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Oh - what fun! I was thinking 2020 needed to be a stash buster year for me, this will definitely help! :slight_smile:

Question regarding WIPs - I assume the partial balls in progress don’t count (?), but what about adding new balls to an existing project? :slight_smile:

Count any skeins or partials used up during the respective week. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a WIP. If it’s in your stash today and you used it this week, count it.

This is going to be fun.

So happy to have you join us @DJM!

I’m ready to do this, I will use leftovers for charitable projects for the homeless. Thanks for getting me started on a year of stash busting!

Thanks for joining us @knitter131! Welcome!

This is encouraging me to use the whole ball instead of stashing leftovers. Yay!

thank you. :wink:

Excellent idea! I have several WIPs that have been sitting on the shelf far too long and I want to finish them this year! (I’m not not going to try and figure out how this will work with skeins of yarn that I spin from my stash of fiber!)

[SIZE=18px]Scores for Week 12/29 – 01/04[/SIZE]

Please comment to this thread with your weekly score.

Surprising I got so much done this week. I finished off 2 skeins of thread, but had to order 2 more. 1 skein on a knitted sweater and 4 balls on shelter mats. Starting the year off on a good note!

WTD +6 YTD +6

Have a happy week!

I’m hoping to get started stash busting this week. Great job @TexasPurl on our first week. You will definitely get me motivated…

I had 17 points this week - I was on vacation and very much able to make progress on things. Three pair of socks, mitts, and remainder into a scrappy afghan (four skeins), two shower mitts (one skein plus a little), and a scrappy afghan using 350 grams, which I believe 7 points.

WTD +17, YTD +17

Woo Hoo @Char!

Happy to have you with us @DJM! :heartpulse:

Where is an explanation of how to calculate points?

In the first post of the thread, click on the word “File”. It will take you to the guidelines for the MAL.

@TexasPurl - Thanks. I missed that.

I don’t get the point difference between using up a skein or a ball. If you roll a skein into a ball and then use it up, it’s the same thing. What if I wind a skein into a cake? The only time I wind yarn into a ball is at the very end when it is a tangled cake.

@lovestostitch - I use a simple method. Whatever form the new yarn comes in (skein, hank, ball, cake, etc.), it’s a skein added to the stash.

When I partially use that skein, I earn 1 pt. When the remainder of the skein is used(which is now referred to as a “ball”), I earn the other point.

Rolled the end of a tangled cake into a ball - 1 point?

I’m making an adult sized pair of pencil socks for my daughter so she can match my grandson. She is a teacher and wants them for Crazy Socks Days.