2020 Stashbuster Weekly Results

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Post your weekly scores in the respective thread for the current week.[/SIZE]

Congratulations everyone… We are really making progress, keep it up. :fk:

Just to let you all know, I’ll cover posting the YTD scores on a monthly basis. @knitter131 - you’ll only need to post next week’s scores. :fk: Unless, of course, you go on another shopping spree! :eek:

Congratulations, winners!

Great stash busting week everyone:fk:

:yarn:Great Job everyone.
My numbers were only high because I have a neighbor bold enough to ask for yarn help.
This ‘contest’ has really encouraged me to work on two WIP’s as well.
My major motivation…I have an adult child getting married this year. If I use money for yarn, our wedding gift will have to be smaller.
Tea is still in budget…but yarn is out. At least for a few more months.
Can’t wait to see how every one does next week/month.

I forgot to post. It was a week for finishing. WTD +9 YTD 52

Another great week and the YTD is awesome!!:fk:

whistles, while looking at the ceiling as she walks by

I have learned, when opportunity knocks, I tend to answer…

If my Daughter in Law hadn’t given me a huge amount of yarn that she was destashing last December, I might be giving someone a run for the moon!! Right now I am home (haven’t been out for 14 days) and not buying much of anything. The only yarn coming in is from a club I purchased in December.

Nice progress!

Congratulations everybody!

Face palm…I totally forgot to post yesterday. Congrats to the winners!

Me too @Fisherwife.

Maybe we will remember next week.
Holding steady over here. Slow progress being made and no yarn bought.

Geez! 2 weeks in a row!


I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to do my job. I was in the mountains with no WiFi. Thanks for picking up the slack.

Oh, the mountains sound wonderful!! Hope you had good weather and a great time.

No worries! It sounds like you were likely surrounded by beautiful lands. :slight_smile:

Holy moly! I am blown away so thanks for posting. Since I am a bit competitive this really helped me. I don’t know about the other knitters, but I thought about the yarn that I purchased this year in terms of those points and it really made a difference in my shopping habits.