2020 Holiday Craft Along - Chatter Thread

[SIZE=24px]2020 Holiday Craft Along - Chatter Thread[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18px]For me, it is past the time to start thinking about Christmas giving. How about you?

Upon discussions with several of you, it seems as though last year’s Holiday Craft Along was fun and inspiring for all of us, and I’ve decided to do it again. :slight_smile:

We’ll start here, feel free to begin the chatter now about what your upcoming plans are, and what items you need motivation to create. The “official” dates of the event are November 1 - December 31, 2020. Last year we came together as a community with donations for random prizes for chatter, and we kept track of finished objects, complete with a point system (1 point each for various things) and three winners from that list as well.

Chatter and finished objects are not limited to holiday related items and topics. I will put up a finished object thread on November 1st.

Let me know your thoughts. Did everyone like how it was done last year?

Remember - we all may need the inspiration you have to share.[/SIZE]


This has been such a crazy year I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet.
But-- there is nothing to say we can’t get some inspiration going and projects can be gifted next year on Christmas. Typically whatever I don’t finish or get started in time I will begin in January, when life is calmer.

I have resurrected some crocheted and knitted pumpkins I put on the backburner last year, for Thanksgiving hostess gifts. Maybe now I can figure them out.

I decided to knit a hat for my son’s best girl.

She rides horses and gets very cold mucking out stalls in the winter. My plan is a Lopi wool stranded hat with earflaps. The flaps and the part that touches her head will be lined with fleece in case she’s a wool-makes-itch sort.

The yarn has arrived from Iceland. It’s natural colors or lightly dyed and Lopi is only lightly processed as yarns go. My son says she’ll appreciate those qualities.

I’ve been working on the design of the band around her head. I wanted a continuous loop of horses…

The first picture illustrates the moment I realized that I was going to have a time of it as I tried to prevent an interruption in the horses.

The second picture is likely the final… The purple head on the right is the brown head on the left - it shows how the circle will overlap.

I hope she likes it - that’s a whole afternoon I will never get back.



Wow! I’m sure she will love it - how could you not?

Wow - this will be amazing! :slight_smile:

It looks great! very nice job.

Oh what fun! Everyone in Iceland knits. We were surprised there was even yarn in grocery stores and drug stores.

Thanks @Char @Sommerfugl, when I make a stranded pattern it usually has a repeat of 6-12 stitches. This chart has no repeats - it’s an 80 stitch extravaganza, lol.

It should be fun to knit @Hellokitten ! I’ve never been to Iceland, sounds like a great place to visit. My yarn budget would be a mess if they had yarn in the grocery store here, lol.

I hope you are right @pinesprairie !

This is going to be an awesome gift!

I love it. It’s fabulous.

She’s going to love this!

Love love love this!

I was hoping a group like this would turn up! I HAVE to start crafting for Christmas in the fall or I’d never get anywhere close to all the things finished. I am trying to be a bit more realistic than usual and stick to hats and scarves and, of course, stockings. I finished a sticking this week and I’m trying to get a brioche scarf going, which should be easy right? I’ve been messing around for two days straight trying to get decent tension and edges that don’t look like my cat got ahold of it. I THINK I’m as ready as I’m going to get so wish me luck. FYI this swatch is actually quite an improvement. Lol I suspect one end of this scarf will be prettier than the other…



I just finished some Christmas masks. One for me (the 3D one on the left) and one for my friend. I recently saw her wearing a mask that did not fit. It kept climbing up her chin as she talked. I decided to surprise her with a new mask and I thought Christmas fabric would be fun. I also made some of the shaped ones for my daughter and grandson. I made all of them with casement sides so the wearer can choose to use a tie or elastic. I made some Christmas ties by crocheting a chain with Christmas themed yarn.



Those are so nice! I love the fabric too.

These are so nicely done! And I love the cheerful fabric.

Agreed with all - she will love it!

oh, wow!

That was so nice of you! The Christmas fabric was a great way to add joy, they are so cute!