2020 50 Book Challenge ?

Welcome to the 2020 50 Book Challenge. Come on in, bring your favorite beverage and join us.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. That being said, I find it beneficial to have topics such as this one to help me find my next literary adventure.


How do I post my books?

  • That is completely up to you.
  • Some may choose to only list the book and what number it is for them.
  • If you choose to write a short review, we welcome it.
  • Some may choose to list the genre or their opinion of the book.
  • Whatever makes you happy go with it.
[B]I found this thread and its the middle of the year. Can I still join?[/B]
  • Yes. All are welcome no matter when they find us jump right in and do whatever you can.
[B]Do all books count?[/B]
  • That is completely up to you. Some include comics, how to books, trade-books, textbooks, children's books, craft books, novels, audio books and everything between.
[B]Do I have to read 50 books to participate?[/B]
  • No, each of us has different goals and priorities. Set whatever goal you think you can make. If you reach it great. It's all about having fun reading and sometimes finding out about a new author.
[B]Do rereads count?[/B]
  • It's a matter of personal preference. No stress here just lots of fun and good discussion.
[B]Happy reading![/B]

1/50. Saint…Ted Dekker (Audio) 3/5 Christian Fiction

It starts out very well–confusing in a good way, surprising, intriguing, very suspenseful–then degenerates into repetitive ideas and phrases.

#1 for 2020 - The Rooster Bar by John Grisham - 3 stars. Mildly entertaining but a rather shallow plot and unbelievable characters - because they make such dumb decisions!

  1. Mysterious Affair at Styles – Agatha Christie
  2. Crisis at the Catheral – Jeanne M. Dams
  3. A Dagger Before Me – Jeanne m. Dams
  4. Death in Burnt Orange. – Jeanne M Dams.

Yes, you do see a pattern, but I have a few non mysteries that I am in the middle of, but Dante’s Inferno takes a while to read!!

  1. Three men in a boat _ by J.K. Jerome
  2. Three men on the bummel _ by J.K. Jerome

1: The Children of Glaa’ki by Ramsey Campbell and others. Very good selection of horror tales from the Cthulhu Mythos. 4/5

  1. Inspector Hobbes and the Blood…Wilkie Martin (Audio) 3.5/5 Humorous mystery.
  1. The Dead Key…D. M. Pulley (Audio) 4.5/5 ~ Mystery

Very enjoyable.

2: The Oxford History of the Classical World edited by John Boardman. Historical essays about ancient Greece and Rome. Heavy going, but some fascinating stuff. 3/5 (Cheated a bit, started this in last week of December 2019)
3: Cover Her Face by P D James. Mystery novel. Interesting piece, worth the read. 4/5

Bummer - You gave it such a good rating that I checked my library but they don’t have it.

I use Scribd.com. I find the $8.99 per month is worth it. I don’t subscribe to any streaming services so I figure I can give myself that treat.

  1. The Library Book
  2. The Woman in Cabin 10

My library has a great collection of audiobooks. I’ve only had a few audiobooks I couldn’t get.

  1. 1225 Christmas Tree Lane by D. Macomber 3/5

  2. Any Dream will do by D. Macomber 4/5
    …this one had a solid Christian theme. Definitely would read again.

  3. Glad Tidings by D. Macomber 3/5
    (Didn’t have Hallmark movies to watch…so read D.Macomber Christmas novels instead. They have used quite a few of her Christmas novels for the basis of their movies. )

  4. A Christmas Tragedy byAgatha Christie 4/5

  5. Nature Noir by Jordan Fisher Smith 5/5
    …a former park ranger here in Northern Ca wrote this book. Very good. Lots of stories and lots of history about the area around where they wanted to put the Auburn Dam. I am swear word sensitive. The only swear words occurred when he was quoting people…maybe 5 times. I liked this book so much I am keeping it for my personal library.

#2 Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh - 3 stars. A psychological thriller with a mediocre plot and a strange ending. I’m not even sure what happened at the end. If anyone else reads it, tell me what you think.

  1. Smile and be a Villain by Jeanne M Dams
  2. Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson (a fun and educational look at the english language
  3. Blood will Tell by Dams
  4. the Gentle art of Murder by Dams

Just a plug asking for people to put the genre and their rating (1-5 stars). It’s not required but I love getting recommendations. When I see someone rate a book with 4 or 5 stars, I go look it up and if it sounds good to me, I add it to my to-read list.

I’m with you @lovestostitch - the name is fine, but knowing if the book is worth reading is even better!

  1. The Tattooist of Auschwitz…Heather Morris (Audio) 4.5/5

The true accounts of Lale Sokolov, the main tattooist for nearly 3 years at Auschwitz-Birkenau during WWII.
I listened to this story just waiting for the end so I would know the outcome of the lives of the characters. I didn’t do any research on this book before deciding to listen. It was a bit minimalistic, however it still gives the reader/listener the feeling of desperation in the characters. I don’t know if I could emotionally handle more details than the story offers.

Now, I need to find something fun to listen to.

4: The Problem at Pollensa Bay by Agatha Christie, a selection of short stories (not all mysteries). Some good reads in here but one or two are a bit too maudlin for my tastes. Still, there are enough stories worth the effort, 4/5.