2019 Holiday Make-A-Long - Chatter... and prizes based on chatter ;)

WHEN: NOVEMBER 1, 2019 - DECEMBER 31, 2019

The weather is getting colder here in the US and winter will be upon us soon. In case you haven’t noticed, I am enjoying the knit alongs / make alongs I’ve been hosting - I believe you are a great group of people. My very favorite part has been getting to know so many of you. But - I know there are so many more that I don’t know. So - I asked Admin if I could host a Community Wide Event - and this 2019 Holiday Make Along was born. A few of the mods have chipped in and I believe we have the beginnings of a plan.

Please pull up a chair, heat up a “cuppa” whatever you desire, bring your craft. And - let’s get to know you. Let’s create. Let’s craft!

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you are like me you might feel like you need a support group to get everything done. There’s always crafting, but there is also coordinating, cooking, traveling, charitable activities, and all sorts of things that bring us together. Please be patient, as we are all still new at this, but here’s how I am thinking it will work. There will be two “sections” to this activity.

Section One is the chatter - here’s the thread for that! My hope is to have some lovely people donate items for random drawings through the make along period. So - let’s pump up the volume (dance! dance!) and get your chatter on. I want to see pictures, WIPs, gifts, how about that Crazy Holiday Sweater Contest? And - when the time seems right, I’ll run a random number generator from the comments in this thread to award a prize to.

Section Two is about the making. I will set up a finished object thread where this will be tracked. I am planning to set up a spreadsheet that I can share with you all where everyone stands, and you can see where I am at as far as adding points, and review points to make sure I haven’t made a mistake. One point will be given for each of the following:

  • Starting a project (pic of materials/tools before you start)
  • Finishing a project (pic of finished project - projects started before November 1st may still be entered, and accumulate a point for finishing the project)
  • Your finished item is a gift
  • Your finished item is a charitable donation
  • You used a pattern designed by a Fiberkind member (marketplace or not)
  • You feel like your finished item is large enough you deserve an extra point for an extra "large" project - please express why and it will be reviewed. I've been trying to decide how to "quantify" this and I can't think of a reasonable way. So - plead your case if you feel like you need to, and we'll go from there.
I am hoping to solicit prizes for sections one and two - the number of donations will dictate how these will progress. Hopefully we'll get enough for at least a couple section two winners.

Happy Holidays wherever you call home, and however you celebrate.

Craft on!

What is on your holiday to do list? I think I need to create mine. It helps me feel better in control. I fill in the blanks with ideas, and voila!

Last year I think I made 8 blankets (twin size or larger), lots of socks, ponchos and shawls…

Not sure what this year will bring but I think I need to formulate a plan. :slight_smile:

My non-knitting holiday list is a crazy mess, as usual.

The only knitting project that has a true deadline is a stocking for my son’s best girl. The “children” (2 grown people) and animals (1 dog, 2 cats) have matching stockings. We’re gathering for our Christmas celebration the weekend prior to the 25th, so I have plenty of time yet!

This sounds like fun, I look forward to getting to “know” more people this way! I’ll have to write out my list in a few days, right now it’s just rambling around in my head.

Mine is too… Although I have in mind that maybe I should knit up some of my knitted knot bags for prizes. :slight_smile: Should be thinking more about gift giving, though. I guess I am just not there yet. This should help!

I was just thinking about items that I would like to make for family and friends over the next couple of months. Now to get a list together and look at what’s available from Fiberkind members. I am not guaranteeing that all of the gifts will be from Fiberkind members, I am looking here first for appropriate patterns.

Way cool! I can’t wait to see what you make!

Great idea @Char. I’m hoping I can join in with my project. I’m knitting 8 hats for my grandkids from yarn they dyed this last weekend. Knitting the hats would be gifted to them and it would help me get motivated to get them done :rolleyes: My Gkids would sure be happy if they got for Christmas. Will this count? Also I want to knit my very first sweater this winter, if I gift it I might have to pay someone to take it-----oh the ugly Christmas sweater—OMGosh that would work!

Thank You Char, for the gift you give.

@Char - thanks for setting this up Char. You do such a good job helping us have a fun time getting to know each other.

I already have my charity projects finished as they are collected in November and my Christmas knitting is finished too. The only thing I have left to make before the holidays is homemade cards and gift tags for my daughter. They will be mostly birthday cards and tags.

Gift giving or not, please join in!!! Card making counts, too!!! :slight_smile:

The cards and tags will be a gift for her. Not a surprise because I always asks if she wants any cards and if yes, what she wants. She used to ask for thank you notes (she is a music teacher and I made musical themed cards for her) but now that she has a three-year-old she requested birthday cards and tags.

[SIZE=12px]We didn’t have children and usually have a very quiet Christmas/New Year but this year we will be staying with dairy farmer friends and there will be four generations of their family at Christmas dinner. Hats and slippers will be my go-to gifts; I like quick and practical. Then again … I have been collecting toy patterns lately so I might knit or crochet farm animals or tractors or something. I am a slow creator of yarn art so I will start hunting out patterns and get cracking! Thank you for this opportunity to share ideas and progress.[/SIZE]

Welcome and glad to have you along! Can’t wait to see what you craft!!!

That is going to be a big change from your usual Christmas! I bet you will have a lot of fun. If I had someone to make a toy for, I would try out one of the fake fur yarns. I saw this pattern and her samples and thought they were so adorable. Be sure to zoom in on the picture so you can see the texture of the yarn. I think these are adorable.


Hello! I am casting on some soon to be gifted socks today.

What are you working on? I have been excited to get this party rolling!!!


I think the blue works for the toes, heels and cuffs. These are for a men’s 13, and I only have one ball… need to make these stretch. :slight_smile:

My first project is a pair of socks for a friend.

Start Date: November 1st

Pattern: Tea & Cookies by our very own @BaadWolfKnits, available in the marketplace.

Yarn:. Premier Wool Free Sock, in Red.


@Char - that blue looks like a great match. I have to be careful with some yarns when I’m knitting socks so I don’t run out. I always weigh the yarn before I start and make sure I don’t use more than half on the first one.

I’m ready to get working. I have:

A pair of socks ready to go -

and my work space ready to make cards and gift tags for my daughter.



@lovestostitch - I was lucky with this ball - I have 52.3g in one ball, 52.4g in the second after I divided it in half. :-). I would like to think I could get two socks out of the ball, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

But - one of my sneak thieves (read cats) might have run off with one of the blue balls. Grrrr. It is definitely MIA. Hoping to find it. At least if I can’t I do have more of the solid blue I can dive into.