1200 yds of Schaefer Elaine

HI What would you do if you had 1200 yards of this discontinued, slubby, bulky and thin mass of fun? I have 2 colors, one is Herminoe, and I forget the other, seems like Helen Keller. They can easily go into the same project.

It WAS knitted into an Out Of The Box Sweater, but I really didn’t like the process of making all those pieces. Then, I noticed my two front pieces were different lengths and frogged everything. So, now I’m looking around. I was thinking maybe something drapey. Huge poncho? Large button shawl? When it’s knitted, it kind of looks like it should be a horse blanket. In a good way. LOL But I don’t want a blanket or throw out of it. Throws around here get chewed and have to be laundered all the time cuz the dog likes to “arrange” them, you know.

I’m kind of thinking maybe knitting something kind of like The Yarn Deli Poncho (no fringe, though, I dislike fringe) that I found online in some random place, but maybe someone here has a better idea? Something nice looking but “artsy” and not serious?

I had to google this yarn as I wasn’t familiar with it. :slight_smile:

I think a lapghan, maybe shrug for the shoulders would be fun!

I love the poncho idea, but I love ponchos.

Ruana. This kind of idea (doesn’t really need a pattern): [URL=“https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruana-4”]https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruana-4
Or . . . https://www.allfreeknitting.com/Miscellaneous/What-is-a-Ruana

I believe this is also the pattern:


The very same. Should be easy enough to do in knitting. Wouldn’t need the fringe. Ruanas are really just a free-for-all, like afghans.

Thank you for the ideas! I went through all of my printed stuff today and put it in a massive 3 ring binder. Boy, was THAT a job! LOL Threw out a bunch of stuff I know I’ll NEVER knit in a zillion years. Didn’t see a single thing that would work with this yarn. Not one. I like the idea of a sarape-ish type shrug/shawl kind of thing like the Ruana. That looks fun. I don’t crochet, though, but that looks really neat, and would really fit the spirit of the way this yarn knits up!

Someone suggested throws… No. LOL Not in this house with that yarn. It was around $60 a skein and I got it at a deep discount when a store was closing for good. Even though I didn’t pay $60 a skein (that’s how I wound up with 4 skeins), this yarn is too good to be any kind of throw type object for this house. I think I mentioned the dog who chews things. She likes to arrange our blankets and throws so they suit what SHE wants, and things wind up with holes even though she doesn’t actually sit and gnaw on everything. It has to be wearable. Plus—the colors. It needs to be seen.

I’d thought about making an Adult Surprise Jacket out of it, but after making several baby ones, I really sort of dislike the idea of making one of them in grownup size. I love the quick novelty of the baby size.

Sorry to be high maintenance. LOL i"ll just run along for the time being.

Sorry for highjacking the thread, but can I ask, please, what is a ruana? We don’t have them in Scotland, at least not by that name. I get that it is similar to a poncho, maybe a large rectangle with a split down the front, but does it have a shaped neckline or side seams? I can find all sorts of wraps, etc, online, but they all have different names and shapes.

As you can see, a ruana can be any of the above you mentioned: shaped neckline, side seams, etc. It’s basically exactly as you described: a large rectangle with a split down the front. This can be achieved with a number of nuances, as the linked article suggests. For the yarn Gina mentioned, a ruana would be a fine artsy, slouchy garment that would let the yarn be the touchable, show-off story.

I could see building a ruana in knitted strips, then assembling the garment like a patchwork quilt. Artsy, quirky opportunities abound. A ruana is about as freehand as you can get.

Like this. You don’t need a pattern.
Or this:
(Thanks, Rav. Great database. But you don’t get a penny of my money.)

Don’t think you’re being high maintenance! Finding the right pattern for yarn is important. I recently knit and reknit a hat several times for DGD for Christmas and finally realized the problem wasn’t the patterns, it was the yarn, the yarn wasn’t her. I’d like to think I would have figured that out sooner if I wasn’t trying to get too many things done by Christmas.

@GinaGuillotine definitely not high maintenance!!

What about a small triangular scarf? The yarn looks so soft and would feel nice as a scarf or Shawlette?

@Amore Thank you, that explains it very well. I like the idea of a casual, artsy sort of wrap, somewhere between a shawl and a poncho. The first picture on your linked page appeals to me, the one with the end thrown over the model’s shoulder. I can see myself in something like that – another project coming up, in my spare time!